Introducing our company and selected products

Visual Concept was founded in 2008 and in recent years we have been specializing in the growing visualization needs of companies using agile technologies. We are experts in delivering extremely large, wall-sized whiteboard solutions as well as solutions for multipurpose spaces.

Below you can find a sample of some of our unique solutions, deliverable to anywhere within the EU:

Team Wall® Whiteboard System

Team Wall® is a sliding whiteboard system with multiple layers. Multiple teams can use the same space simultaneously while preserving their work, saving costs.

Taite Flipping Table

Taite is a large and foldable table that also functions as a double-sided whiteboard and magnetic surface, retaining utility while out of the way. It fits into elevators when folded.

Papyrus wall-mountable project and planning calendars have a calendar time span of two years. The dry-eraseable surface is suitable for whiteboard marker use.


Mag-it is a magnetic canvas surface suitable for bulletin board use and more. It doesn't require sharp pins, so it's safe for use in daycares and schools, for example. It's also an excellent acoustic element and comes covered in Camira Cara fabric, available in many colors.

We are also happy to supply accessories for white-  and glassboards as well as agile methods: www.visualconcept.shop

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