Scrum kanban tarvikesarja lasitauluille

222,95 €


This professional PATboard full toolset is the ultimate scrum and kanban kit for glass. The set includes 137 items, perfect to transform glass, or any 100% flat surface, into a full scrum board or kanban board.

Items are equipped with our innovative nanocups technology. Thousands of microscopic suction cups make it stick to glass or any other flat and non-porous surface, without the need for magnets, glue or adhesives.

Working with a physical and visual tool from PATboard improves team collaboration. Gather around, talk, play, and make work more fun.

PATboard cards are easy to write on. They write just like paper and don’t smudge. They are reusable and easy to clean with water.

PATboard products are designed from our passion for agile project management. We designed them to look beautiful and used high-quality materials so you can keep using them for years.